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10 Annoying Misconceptions About The FIFO Lifestyle Pt 1.

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Let's face it, we could write a whole book about annoying misconceptions in the FIFO lifestyle. From the money, to the cheating and all that in between, we want to reassure you these dated ideas suck and you can keep them to yourself.

We're ripping up the false impressions book and we are sharing some misconceptions our authors have dealt with first hand.

1. ‘FIFO breeds toxic masculinity.’

Tough working conditions demand a tough mindset. It is the inability to switch off the tough mindset that influences toxic masculinity when it also serves as a defence against social anxiety.

Yasmin Walter – ‘The CEO Wife’

2. ‘You must be rich.’

Alix Andriani – ‘The Cougar Wife’

3. Females will struggle.

Everyone struggles, and everyone needs thick skin regardless of gender.

Erica Urquiaga – ‘The Technically Not a Wife Wife’

4. ‘You’re so lucky you get to be a stay at home wife.’

Uh ok, the house and kids maintain themselves do they?

Anon – ‘The Secret Wife’

5. ‘Don’t you worry about your husband cheating and being seduced?’

There are plenty of horror stories you hear from people in the industry. My view at the end of the day is your husband can be seduced anywhere. So, manage what is in your control, communicate regularly and be open if any concerns arise.

Brenda Denbesten – ‘The Engineering Wife’

6. ‘You can afford that, your husband works away.’

That doesn’t mean money grows on trees FML.

Anon – ‘The Porn-Star Wife’

7. FIFO jobs are 'Family Friendly.'

When hubby was looking for jobs, 2:1 rosters were advertised as ‘family friendly rosters.’ No family should have to be apart more than they are together, that is NOT family friendly.

Sarah Dlugosz – ‘The Understanding Wife’

8. ‘Money pays for all the difficult times.’

Pryscyla Campbell – ‘The Stormy Wife’

9. Aren’t you worried he will cheat?

Melissa Hamer – ‘The I Swiped Right Wife’

10. Everyone drinks, so ‘you have to drink’.

Sheleila D’Paiva – ‘The ‘My Bad’ Wife’


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