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5 Ohh-That's-Gooood Reasons You Need This Self-Inflating Feeding Pillow

Redefining the parenthood journey one feed at a time.

Like most businesses, Amanda filled a void in the industry that she discovered from her own needs. This mum of three was suffering from aches and pains caused by carrying her children in awkward feeding positions, for extended periods of time.

Feeding Friend is a self-inflating pillow that provides parents with arm support whilst bottle or breast feeding. Umm TAKE MY MONEY.

Designed in Perth, Western Australia, this feeding pillow is often the topic of conversations in mother groups. Light weight, compact and ideal for travel – what’s not to love.

Pictured : Amanda and son, founder of Feeding Friend Australia.

  1. Made for modern mums who have a life.. Can I get an Amen? It's the worlds most portable nursing pillow. Yep you heard right, you can whip it out in a café and feed bub as you feed yourself cake. Literally having your cake (your baby because they are so sweet) and eating it too.

  2. As your baby grows, your arm positioning may change so unlike traditional pillows, Feeding Friend offers flexible levels of support to suit women of all shapes, sizes and unique feeding styles. Massive YES!

  3. Self-care enhances motherhood. Feeding Friend reduces pain and discomfort in arms, shoulders, neck and back caused by those awkward bottle/ breastfeeding positions.

  4. Improves posture and promotes milk digestion.

  5. When bub vomits up that liquid gold, the foam is protected by a waterproof lining (mould free yay!) and the entire cover is removable and washable. Easy-Peasy.

Still not convinced? Check this out.

That's what I thought. Here's the link..

You're welcome.



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