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6 Of The Best Ways To Kill Time At The Airport.

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

So you’ve arrived at the airport and you hear the announcement that everyone dreads… “Flight XXX has been delayed”.

Don’t panic and don’t get frustrated.

Use this time to be productive (or sloth if you prefer).

1. Shop ‘til you drop … or at least until the gates open.

Explore the overpriced gift stores, stock up on snacks for the plane or pick up a great read. A little addiction I have which I’m ashamed of is buying those gossip magazines which are 3 for $10. I also stock up on chewies, chocolate and random comfort items like a neck pillow.

2. Bon Appetit!

Get in my belly. You honestly can’t go past the smell of hot chips at the airport so you might as well grab a seat and order a bucket with extra chicken salt. Once you’re done there, hop on over to the café next door for a cuppa and cake.

3. Oh hey bookworm – you reading that?

Anyone else buy books at the airport and never open them again after the vacation? Hi it me! I call them vacation books. Once the bikini’s go back in the cupboard, so do the books. I do enjoy reading on the plane though, I mean, once I have finished my trashy mags that is.

4. Hit reply all.

Need to catch up on some emails? This is the perfect time to get your replies in, unsubscribe to those mailing lists you joined for 10 % off on your first purchase or, claiming your lost family fortune by entering your credit card details.

5. Just one more episode.

Grab those snacks from tip one, sit next to a power point and press play. Just be wary of who can see your screen though, sometimes those naughty scenes get a little awkward haha.

6. It’s time to watch.

People or planes, your choice. If you have kids hanging off you, they will love watching the planes. I like to watch people saying their goodbyes or hellos. I then make up a story in my head of what could be happening, why they are leaving etc. That kind of sounds creepy now that I read this out loud.

And if you get bored of those, then just go to sleep. Sleep makes time fly by, see what I did there? Don’t forget to stay hydrated when you get on the plane and stretch your legs as much as you can.




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