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Perth FIFO family tackles mental health with supportive books [ ABC Radio ]

We sit down with Dinushi Dias from ABC Radio.

"In partnership with KMD Books and as a FIFO wife of over a decade, I have put my hand up to spearhead a FIFO Wives Tales publication. We aim to shine the spotlight on the good, the bad and the bloody ugly experiences of the FIFO lifestyle. We hope to give families a voice to encourage, support and inspire"

With hundreds of families committing to this industry daily, we think it would be helpful to hear from those who have had first-hand experience.

"The idea is not to scare families out of the FIFO life as there is many wonderful benefits of this industry. I want women in particular to know that their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed, and there is other families out there experiencing the same fears, joys and uncertainty."

The intention behind this book is to open the minds of women who are in similar situations that cannot open up, to friends and family as they can't relate to the FIFO lifestyle.

Listen to full interview here .

The Adventures of a FIFO Kid - BUY HERE

The FIFO Wives' Tales - BUY HERE

Pictured Chuck B/ Boris Walter - Perth FIFO Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Mental Health advocate Perth.

Image by Derec Ethan.



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