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Yasmin Walter Spearheads FIFO Wives Tales Tell All Book [ ABC Radio ]

We sit down with Andrew Collins from ABC Radio.

"The purpose of this publication is to spark a conversation for FIFO families and their network, to give them a better understanding of what being a FIFO spouse actual entails. Everyone has an opinion on the lifestyle, but unless you are a part of it, you have little real knowledge on how challenging the balancing act is. As a FIFO wife myself, I’m a part of numerous support groups of women who are wanting to have discussions about a lifestyle their 9-5 friends and family don’t understand."

I'm so overwhelmed with the support of this book already.

Listen here. Interview starts at 1:50:00.

The Adventures of a FIFO Kid - BUY HERE

The FIFO Wives' Tales - BUY HERE



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