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You May Not Understand This... But FIFO Is The Best Thing For My Family.

I grew up with a FIFO Dad and now I'm married to a FIFO guy.

It's funny, I grew up with a FIFO Dad, for pretty much my entire life, yet whenever I thought about my own husband going FIFO, I just couldn't see how I would manage it.

My husband had his own business and it was an absolute treat, he could work his own hours, plan his days to suit our life and it was great! Fast forward a few years and two babies later, life was pretty good. But then it was getting busy. The business was booming, but he was working under the pump to keep the momentum up. I still didn't know how FIFO families with young kids did it. I was the type of person that was a legitimate scaredy cat and struggled to even sleep when staying at night alone in the house. But, there came the day that we went FIFO, and it was the best thing we did for our family, and here is why.

My husband is no longer stressing about where our income is coming from, or needing to work afterhours doing quotes to make that income come in.

He is home with us now for 7 days straight and it is like we are on a holiday every time he is home. We do a lot of things we never would have done if he was working in the city everyday.

He is not stressed at all anymore, and it shows, and that has had a huge positive ripple to all of us.

We appreciate each other so much more, and more so he has a huge appreciation for me now, when he sees what I juggle while he is away.

And the biggest take from it for me, I am so much more confident and resilient with everything, and no longer a scaredy cat at night when he is away!

I grew up with FIFO, I now live it and I wouldn't change it. I get it though, FIFO isn't for everyone, it's such a unique lifestyle and you do really need to live it to actually see what it's like and to understand it. So, while you may not understand how it's the best thing for us, just know that for a lot of people, for many different reasons, it is!

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