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Release date : Dec 2021

ISBN : 978-0-6452558-8-1  | PAPERBACK

Publisher : KMD Books


Contributors : AS, Cathy Oddie, Bronwyn Lunderstedt, Danni, Dominique, Emma Howden, Lala, Nicole Gilbert, Ronnie Joy, Tanya, Tigerlily, Chris the rest would like to remain anonymous.

Conclusion : Emma Weaver

Compiled by : Sheree Schonian & Yasmin Walter


​Love, Bruises & Bullsh!t is a touching compilation of true stories of survival. Over twenty women pour their hearts onto paper to share their experience with family and domestic violence. Some stories are shared from the survivors’ perspectives, some from the children who grew up in homes filled with violence and even those who have lost family members at the hands of their partners. These riveting encounters will inspire, support and encourage women around the world to speak up and save lives.


Our mission is to make a difference and lead the way for a positive change to occur. We hope to raise the vibration for future generations and educate women to identify what a healthy loving relationship is. Domestic violence shouldn’t be a taboo topic. We need to strip shame away from it and have those heavy conversations to make a difference. While the topic is difficult and the content is distressing, it is both morally necessary and time appropriate.

Love, Bruises & Bullsh!t Book

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